Tim Fry in his own words: The father’s side of the courtroom

By: Alexandra Cowley


It took two years for Kimberly Fry to stand trial for the murder of her 8-year-old daughter. In that time, her husband, Tim Fry, was learning to cope with the loss of their only child. When the trial began, those wounds were torn back open. In an exclusive interview with ABC 6, Tim Fry describes the trial from his side of the courtroom.

For Tim Fry, it was a long, painful 987 days. From the time his daughter was murdered, to the day his wife admitted to killing her.

On sentencing day, Kimberly Fry broke down, “I killed her my actions killed her, and I will forever hate myself and I will forever wish that I could die.”

Looking back on that day, Tim Fry says that was the first time he ever saw Kim show remorse.

“She talked about how it would be worse on the outside because she would have to see all the places that she went, well that's what I get, and she's never said she was sorry to me, so you know that was hard to hear,” said Tim. 

Fry says he wishes the trial didn't drag on as long as it had. Kim's request for a retrial and then the delays.

Fry recalls, “it was terrible, honestly it was terrible.”

Tim says he received letters from Kim from prison leading up to the trial. He never replied.

“I think I feel in one of the letters she wrote to me she insinuated that it was my fault, it's always somebody else's fault,” said Tim. 

Tim says he never imagined Kim would or could hurt Camden, he says the two were close. As a water pump salesman, he traveled two, sometimes three weeks out of the month. Leaving Kim alone with Camden. He was in town the night Kim killed Camden, but he wasn't home. He had gone to a weekly hockey practice that night.

“If I ever thought anything like this could ever happen, I would have taken steps to make sure she didn't have access to her, so it was completely out of no where,” explained Tim. 

Tim says he was on an emotional roller coaster after his daughter's murder. Trying to deal with the loss, still not accepting it was real.

“It's every minute, sometimes it's a happy memory, sometimes it's sadness, sometimes you expect her to walk through the door,” said Tim. 

Then the second hardest day of his life, waiting to hear his estranged wife's punishment for killing their little girl. On May 22nd, Kimberly Fry was sentenced to 40 years, with 20 to serve for strangling her daughter.

Tim explained, “I was asked if we were happy with the sentencing. I'm happy that it's over, I'm not particularly pleased with what he decided for her sentence, because I think Camden's life was worth more than the 20 years that he sentenced her to serve, I wish he had given her a life sentence because I got my life sentence when she took Camden's life.”

Leaving the courtroom that day, he says there was a sense of relief , the trial was over.

I asked Tim if he's forgiven his ex-wife. He replied, “no, I never will. I know they say your supposed to, but I'll never be able to forgive her, not for what she's taken, no.”

Tim filed for divorce in April of 2011. It was finalized three weeks ago.