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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Over the past two weeks, we’ve talked a lot about eating habits and diet plans, but equally important is exercise.  I’m one of those people who will get really into working out for a while, and then stop, only to start all over again down the road.  So, I sought out the advice of a personal trainer to try to get the most out of my gym time and find some motivation to keep at it.

If you’re looking to lose weight, like I am, experts like Lianne Packard, a Personal Fitness Trainer at Boston Sports Clubs in Providence, say dieting alone isn’t going to cut it.

Packard says, “Slow, sustainable weight loss.  Slow, steady muscle growth.  It’s all based on balanced diet and consistent exercise.”

So, how to get started.

Packard says, “You have to know your body.  You have to know your limitations.  Make sure you get the basics down.”

After the basics, the next steps will vary for people with different goals.  But, Packard suggests strength training for everyone.

Packard says, “Muscle is great for the body because that’s what helps you burn your fat.”

As I continue to progress, she says to try High Intensity Interval Training, or “HIIT,” mixing bursts of high intensity activity with easier, slower activities.

Packard says, “Gets that heart rate up, lets you recover a little bit, and beats you back up again.”

Using what we’ve talked about, Packard shows me a few things I haven’t tried before.  In no time, I’m out of breath and feeling the burn.  She says if you’re unsure where to begin, don’t search the internet for help. Speak with a fitness professional, instead.

Packard says, “A lot of people are on Instagram these days looking at what we call ‘Insta–trainers,’ and they’re getting hurt.”

On top of it all, she says it’s important to keep your goals realistic.

Packard says, “If you’re throwing everything out of your pantry, and ‘I’m going to be at the gym at 4am every single day,’ and that’s not who you are, and that’s not achievable, you’re going to set yourself up to fail.”

She also says it’s important to let your body rest at least one day a week.  So, the goal for me now is to get to the gym and stick with it.  In the meantime, I’ve cleaned up my eating for 3 weeks.

Although I haven’t weighed myself yet, I’ll do that next month and post an update on Facebook and Twitter.  Connect with me on social media to be part of the conversation.

Facebook: @TStudebakerABC6

Twitter: @TStudebakerABC6

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