Tip-jar at Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder stolen twice, culprit found

BY: Scott Cook

Email: scook@abc6.com

Twitter: @JScottCook

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Earlier this week, the tip jar at Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowderhouse was stolen, not once but twice.

The culprit has since been identified, but not before outraging locals who love their Iggy’s.

"It’s unfortunate,” said customer Ed Joseph. “Why people need to take from other people, it unbelievable."

For locals like Joseph, who comes to Iggy’s at least once a week, stealing from such a beloved place is unfathomable.

"It’s heartless,” he said. “And whoever did it, if they have a job and somebody came and stole some of their pay check, how would they feel about it? They wouldn’t be happy. They’d be very upset."

But that’s exactly what happened.

On Monday and Tuesday, just before closing time, someone stuck their hand in the window and swiped the tip jar, stealing over $250 from employees.

"These girls work really hard and it’s unfair,” said owner David Gravino. “It’s not their fault someone was just being stupid and was desperate for money."

Restaurant managers posted surveillance video to social media to try and track down the culprit, and it worked.

While ABC 6 crews were at Iggy’s Thursday morning, Gravino got a call from a woman who said her grandson admitted to stealing the money.

That woman planned to bring the boy back to the restaurant to apologize for what he did.

It is unclear if the boy has returned the money or if he plans to do so, but either way, Gravino says he will reimburse his employees of the tips stolen from them.