Tips for avoiding online scalpers

Online scalping has become a widespread phenomenon, leaving numerous ticket buyers frustrated and upset. Imagine the disappointment of eagerly anticipating a wonderful performance only to discover that you are in possession of an invalid ticket, and have been scammed of your money.

Listed below are tips for avoiding online scalpers, courtesy of PPAC.

-Bookmark both PPAC's website ( and TheVETS website (

-If PPAC or TheVETS have just announced a show as going on sale, it is almost impossible for a reseller to instantly have access to those tickets as the may not even exist yet.

-Fradulent websites may use PPAC or TheVETS in their web addresses to look official and mislead you. PPAC and TheVETS do not cooperate with any brokers or outside agencies to sell their tickets.

-If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you see front row seats being sold for superpremium prices, you are likely on a secondary ticket site and should use extreme caution.

-Fraudulent sites often pay to be listed in top positions by various search engines. If possible, avoid Google, Yahoo and the like when looking to purchase tickets.

Hopefully these tips will protect you from being the next victim of online scalping!