Tires and rims stolen from nurse’s car in hospital parking lot

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): A nurse at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence finished her shift only to find her car up on blocks, with all four tires and rims stolen.

“My co-worker came up to me at 6:30 a.m. and asked what type of car I had,” Karen Arpin, a nurse at Fatima Hospital, said. “I said why? Did someone hit my car? They said unfortunately I wish it was that easy. Your rims and wheels got stolen and your car is on blocks.”

Arpin parked her car in the hospital’s parking lot last week as she does at the start of all her shifts.

She said she can’t wrap her head around why someone would target people at a hospital.

“It could have been anyone working really hard or someone who is really, really sick that they took advantage of,” Arpin said.

She’s been on the front line of the pandemic as a nurse on the emergency room floor, while also working part-time for the Rhode Island National Guard.

“Myself, my co-workers, we all work very hard,” Arpin said. “This pandemic has been extremely stressful. It’s so upsetting to know you can just disregard someone’s feelings and hard work.”

North Providence Police Chief Arthur Martins confirms with ABC6 news that they are investigating.  Police are also working with the hospital to enhance security footage of the suspect’s car.

However, Arpin said she wants the hospital to also take responsibility. She said her boss told her the hospital won’t cover her insurance deductible.

“I figured at the bare minimum that should be something the hospital should cover because they should be watching the car in the parking lot, but apparently that’s not the case,” Arpin said.

ABC6 News has been in contact with a spokesperson at Chartercare, the group that owns Our Lady of Fatima Hospital. A spokesperson confirmed the hospital has 24-hour security and that they’re working with police.

However, the spokesperson would not comment on what the protocol is when cars are damaged in the parking lot.


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