Toddler Locked in Westport Daycare, Trapped Inside

A father went to pick up his three year old from the “Westport Country Day School”, Monday night, and realized no one was there. That's when he heard the little girl whimpering inside.
Little Samantha Paquette waved hi, Tuesday, happy to be back with her mom and dad after what she went through. The three year old was trapped inside “Westport Country Day School” after a worker locked up for the night.

“They kept being insistent that someone picked her up, then I'm panicking someone had my daughter. I didn't know what was going on,” said mom Paula Paquette.

Paquette said her husband, Keith, went to pick Sam up at quarter past five. When he saw no sign of anyone being there, he called his mother in law, Paula, and some other family members. That's when a daycare worker finally showed up.

“They were banging on the windows,” said Paquette, “They heard her crying and then they actually heard her screaming. My husband didn't know if she was hurt or not, so he broke down the door to go and get her.”

He smashed in the door with a bike from the preschool playground. Police said they've never had a problem at “Westport Country Day School” before, and that workers usually check off a list when the kids are picked up. Samantha was mistakenly checked off on Monday.

The Paquette's won't be sending their daughter back to the Country Day School. They've signed her up for a new daycare. She started Wednesday. As for Samantha, she looked peaceful Tuesday. But her mom said there are still some signs of trauma after the three year old was stuck in the daycare alone for at least a half hour.

“Everyone kept saying this one, that one, who do you find at fault? I find the person who locked up without checking any rooms a hundred percent at fault,” said Paquette.

The District Attorney's office and the Department of Children and Families are looking into how the three year old was overlooked. The Paquette's said they're not sure, at this point, if they'll file any charges.