Tolman High invites Newtown to McCoy

Andrea Medeiros

Some Tolman High School ball players are giving a baseball team
in Newtown, Connecticut a thrill, inviting them to play on a minor league field.

On April 20th, the Tolman Tigers and the Newtown Nighthawks will play at McCoy Stadium.
The idea came from Tolman's coach, who says the special
match–up is as much about helping the small town heal as it is a lesson for
the boys of Tolman High.

“I'm very excited to meet them, you know, shake hands
just say condolences and show them around and just have fun, play the game of
baseball,” said Tolman baseball player Carlos Sanabria.

“It's good for us to be able to give back to them
through sports, which is what we do best,” said player Jason Maynard.

Tolman plays a handful of games at McCoy every year, but for this game the PawSox are pulling out all the stops,  lighting up the score board, using the PA system, and holding a special
moment of silence for Newtown.