Tom Brady’s Former Coach and Mentor Passes Away

Tom Brady's Renowned Mentor and Quarterback Coach Tom Martinez Died
on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 on his 66th birthday, reportedly of a heart attack
suffered during a dialysis session while waiting for a kidney transplant.

“I've been told I'm out of here, and I don't accept that,” said Tom
Martinez. “I'm going to fight to the end.”


Tom Martinez, who received national attention for his work with New
England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and was one of the most successful
coaches in California Community College history during his time as football,
women's basketball and softball coach at College of San Mateo.

Martinez's health had declined in recent years due to complications
from diabetes, and he was awaiting word on a kidney transplant at the time of
his death.

On June 12, 2011, Martinez announced to everyone that he was given
roughly one month to live, due to diabetes and cancer. He continued to fight to
live and brought himself back to a level of health for the opportunity to be
accepted as a candidate to receive a lifesaving organ transplant in January

January 27, 2012, Patriots' Tom Brady made it his mission on to
help his mentor Tom Martinez by using the Internet and the news media to sending
Potential Organ Donors to to see if they could be a kidney
match for Martinez.  This resulted in
over 300 potential organ donors to step forward to be tested to see if they were
a match to save Tom Martinez' life. Unfortunately Tom succumbed to a heart
attack today during dialysis just weeks before he could potentially have a
lifesaving kidney transplant through

Tom Dianne Sawyers January 27th story on Tom Martinez The Person Of
The Week

Paul Dooley CEO of said: “Tom became a good
friend of mine, like he was to thousands of other people.  We talked about 4 to 5 times a week. He just
didn't touch your life; he became part of the rest of your life. Every time you
talked to him, you carried away something that you would never forget- his
friendship. He was one of the greatest men you will ever come across in your
lifetime. Someone who loved his family more than anything in this world, loved
his friends, loved life and the prospect of tomorrow, and always had a funny
anecdote to show it. Tom's family members were the real heroes in Tom's life
they did everything they could possibly do to keep him alive, not just
physically, but emotionally and spiritually.”  

Tom said if there's ever a key to success on the field, it's this:
“Don't quit.”

“I tell the kids I don't care who it is, I don't care where we go,
I don't care where we play, we don't whine about officials' calls, we don't
whine about weather conditions,” said Martinez. “You play hard and you play
right to the end.”

He's credited with grooming many successful athletes, including New
England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady.

Martinez, coached at the College of San Mateo until 2005, when he
retired for health reasons.

Martinez, who suffered from kidney failure, found himself in need
of a kidney transplant. Three months ago,Martinez's doctors told him he had only
a few more months to live.

“I've been told I'm out of here, and I don't accept that,” said
Martinez. “I'm going to fight to the end.”

That's why Brady had adopted that no-quit attitude to help his
mentor Martinez connect with a match on  Brady had been spreading the word through a
banner he was circulating online for the past four weeks through, a nonprofit organization that can help interested living
donors communicate people needing organ transplants.  But his transplant was not to happen.