TOP 10: Fall River ‘Operation Fugitive’ Most Wanted List

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Operation Fugitive's New Top Ten List

Fall River, Massachusetts- The Fall River Police Department in conjunction with The Massachusetts State Police is continuing with Operation Fugitive.  In March of 2010, the two law enforcement agencies teamed up to ferret out fugitives who were hiding themselves in the City of Fall River.  Operation Fugitive has been highly successful, culminating in the arrest of 133 fugitives and clearing 465 charges in the warrant management system.

The Fall River Police Department is now publishing a new Top Ten List.

Included, but not in particular order are:

1.) Mayoer Sareth Vann, 16 years old, Last Known Address 857 Pine St. Fall River, Ma.   Charges include Armed Assault Intent to murder.

2.) Kevin Sousa, 32 years old, L.K.A 463 Brayton Avenue, Fall River, Ma.  Sousa is wanted for Burglary charges.

3.) James Reynolds, 32 years old, L.K.A 5455 North Main St. Apt 4C, Fall River, Ma.  Charges include multiple Abuse Prevention Order Violations.

4.) Robert Cephas, 18 years old, L.K.A 2425 Highland Ave Fall River, Ma.  Charges include Possession of a Firearm.

5.) Jorge Lamas, 22 years old, L.K.A 433 Middleboro Ave. Taunton, Ma.  Charges include Armed Robbery.

6.) Leroy Menard a.k.a Leroy Morgado, 39 years old, L.K.A 707 June St. Fall River, Ma.  Menard is wanted for Parole Violation.

7.) Michael Marchand, 24 years old, L.K.A 423 North St. Somerset, Ma.  Charges include Trafficking in Cocaine.

8.) Jorge Fagundes, 49 years old, L.K.A 22 Michael St. Fall River, Ma.  Charges include Sexual Assault.  

9.) Dale Davis, 30 years old, L.K.A 54 North Rocliffe St. Fall River, Ma.  Charges include Possession to Distribute Class B. in a School Zone.  

10.) Jordan Platt, 30 years old, L.K.A 865 Plymouth Ave. Fall River, Ma.  Charges include Armed Assault with Intent to Murder.

According to Chief Daniel S. Racine “While it is a fact that I expected good results when we launched “Operation Fugitive,” the results from the first three months have been impressive to say the least.  The investigators assigned and most importantly the public, average citizens that provided tips, are to be commended.  Fall River is a safer place because of “Operation Fugitive!”  The Fall River Police Department is committed to making this city a safe place to raise a family, send children to our schools, recreate in our parks and playgrounds, dine in our restaurants, and enjoy a good quality of life.

Mayor William Flanagan stated “I would like to commend the Fall River Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police for their efforts in making Fall River a safer community.  I applaud not only their past exceptional results, but also their continued resolve moving forward.”