Town votes 3-2 to put down Mansfield dog who bit boy

By Abbey Niezgoda

After a mini-trial, the town select board in Mansfield has decided to euthanize the dog responsible for biting a 6-year-old boy.

Milo the dog may only be 42 pounds, but the pointer-hound's bite was enough to leave the little boy next door in need of 400 stitches.

His injuries were so severe that his mom, Dawn Herbert-Miller decided to file a complaint with the town. Milo was then put on trial and a public hearing was held to determine his fate.

Milo's owner argued that the dog had never been aggressive before and that they would do anything to keep him from being put down. They told the board they would be willing to put up a fence and get the dog behavior training.

The family of the 6-year-old said that was not enough to make sure the dog does not bite anyone else.

After almost three hours, the board sided with the boy's family, voting 3-2 to put down Milo. The verdict comes after a recommendation to euthanize the dog from the town's animal control officer. The board says it was difficult, but they made the decision with public safety in mind.

Milo's owner now has 10 days to appeal to the court and they say that is exactly what they plan on doing.