Toy rental service hits the web

Are your kids still basking in the glow of all the toys they got under the tree this year? How long do you think that will last? It's hard for parents who spend hard-earned money on gifts each year…only to have their kids tire of one toy and want another. ABC's Becky Worley tell us about a new toy rental service that can save you hundreds each year and keep the kids entertained. 

Toys at Christmas, joy, excitement, something brand new to play with. But then those shiny objects start to dull. But what if Christmas could come more than just once a year? 

Nikki Pope is the founder of Toygaroo a web-based toy service that bills it self as the netflix of toys. Moms and dads subscribe for $25 a month & get 4 toys mailed to their homes. 

According to the toy association parents spend an average of22 billion dollars a year on toys. some parents try to resell toys on ebay, but the hassle and low resale value are inhibitors. so they hunt at garage sales or just shell out the cash for new toys. So nikki says Toygaroo is a big money saver.

Boxes ship out as often as 6 times a year. Pilar Demman, uses toygaroo for her daughter Tallulah. 

Toygaroo employees inspect, reassemble, and sanitize them.  Aimed at kids 1-7 they mail out puzzles, learning tablets, and other toys. And this year these “like-new” toys may be the best option for families stretching a dollar as far as their children's love of play.