TRAFFIC ALERT: Attleboro looks to slow down drivers with new radar signs

ATTLEBORO, M.A. (WLNE) — The city of Attleboro is looking to keep drivers and pedestrians safer by purchasing lighted crosswalks and speed radar signs to install across town.

Mayor Paul Heroux has proposed installing 16 speed radar signs and 5 lighted crosswalks at busy roads in his city.

The signs would display a driver’s speed and start flashing if they are going over the posted speed limit.

The crosswalks would have lights on either side that would start flashing when a pedestrian presses the button to cross.

The mayor is asking city council for just over $100,000 to install the new equipment, which would come out of the city’s $8 million free cash account.

“These are just some of the ways we can reduce speeding,” mayor Heroux told ABC 6. “The speed radars have been proven to be effective. A lot of people are unaware of the speed limit and the [current] signs on the side of the roads are ignored because they are so routine.”

The new equipment would be the first part of a three-part effort proposed by Heroux to change driver behavior in the city.

“These two measures are part of a larger plan to reduce traffic issues,” Heroux said. “It’s basically based on the three E’s — education, engineering and enforcement. This is education — letting people know what the speed limit is, or when someone is in a crosswalks.”

The mayor intends to propose engineering changes, like traffic circles and speed bumps, and enforcement policies, like a traffic unit for the police department in next year’s fiscal budget.

The proposal for speed signs and crosswalks was reviewed and approved by the city’s Transportation and Traffic Committee and is set to be discussed by the full city council at their meeting next Tuesday.

Mayor Heroux says he expects the proposal to pass unanimously and hopes to see the equipment installed by the end of the year.

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