Transform RI Scholarship Offering $1 million and scholarships to students of color

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE)-  The Papitto Opportunity Connection, a private foundation that invests in communities of color in RI, is now launching the inaugural Transform Rhode Island Scholarship.

The scholarship asks high school students of color in the Ocean State to submit a 4-5 page essay or multi-media presentation, answering the question, “What would you do if you were given $1 million to make RI’s communities of color better and stronger?”

“We want these students to know that they are being listened to, that they are being heard, and that we believe they are the future leaders of RI,” said Arnell Milhouse, Board Member of the Papitto Foundation.

The winner of the scholarship will receive $1 million towards their proposed ideas– developed alongside the foundation.

“To be involved in a million dollar project, I tell my students, think of all the people that you’ll meet, the social capital you will be, the places you will go, what that will do for you in the future,” said Marcy Reyes, Founder of the Financial Literacy Youth Initiative.

The winning student will also receive $25,000 to use for school, housing, or any other needed expenditures.

Reyes, an educator in RI, explained, “Students are going to realize that there is hope, and it means they have to be involved with the change itself.”

The student who comes in second place receives $15,000, while third place receives $10,000.

The deadline for submission is Jan. 31st, at

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