Transgender Woman Says Gender Identity Bill Shows Lawmakers are ‘Paying Attention’

Now that the Rhode Island House of Representatives has passed a bill expanding hate crimes to include those provoked by a person's gender identity, the transgender community is feeling a little safer.

But it's not a done deal, even though many in the transgender community in Rhode Island say that adding additional protections for transgender people is a necessity.

Maureen DeLoreto has put up with her fair share of cruelty during the 12-years that she's been living as a woman.

“There were uncomfortable feelings, I was around somebody that really was disturbed and that was pretty basically a little rough.” said DeLoreto.

Maureen has seen how people who disagree with a transgender lifestyle can react, and she's hoping the hate crime bill, that just passed the house becomes law, so it might deter people from acting out against people like her.

“It's nice to say, 'Yeah, they looked out for us. It's nice to say that somebody is paying attention.”

Now if the bill becomes law, the punishments for crimes against transgender people, wouldn't change.