Traveler’s not letting terrorism concerns impact holiday plans

By: Melissa Randall


Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. 65% of those traveling plan to go out of state, and 35% of them will fly. The already normally stressful time of year is being compounded this year. The world on edge following the deadly terror attacks in Paris. In fact, the state department just issued a worldwide travel alert for U.S. citizens because of the increased threats.

With their bags packed Diantha and Kendra Kruger caught a train at Providence Station. The women are heading to New York for the holiday.

“In the past we’ve gone the day before and it’s so crowded, unbelievably crowded. So we decided to go early,” said Diantha.

The Mansfield natives are not leery of traveling at a time that many are. Amtrak responding to recent world events, including the terror attacks in Paris, the bombing of a Russian jet, and shooting spree at a Mali hotel, by beefing up security.

A larger police presence is also visible at TF Green Airport in Warwick. Travelers ABC6 caught up with say they are concerned, but won’t let fear interrupt their plans.

“You think about that. But you can’t let that stop you either. It’s one of those things, unfortunately that we have to put up with today,” said John Racine who is traveling from Florida.

“It is what it is and we can’t let it stop us from visiting our family,” said Patty Leonard who is traveling to Nebraska.

The tight screening process could mean long TSA security lines in the coming days, so travelers should give themselves plenty of extra time. The response is putting some travelers’ minds at ease.

“I feel secure that we’ll be checked out on and everybody getting on the plane will have cleared,” said Moe Heise who is traveling to Florida.

And it’s not just travel that’s a concern. Security is tight just about any place including Monday night’s Patriot’s game at Gillette Stadium. The match up is the first home game for the team since the Paris attacks. Tens of thousands of fans were greeted by a beefed up law enforcement presence. Police and NFL officials said the event would be closely monitored, but fans should remain vigilant.

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