Tropical Depression Two forms in Gulf of Mexico; forecast to become Arlene

Hurricane season began today, and it didn’t waste any time in getting down to business.

An area of low pressure that had been spinning in the Gulf of Mexico the last few days – originally given only a 10% chance of development – is now projected to become the new season’s first named storm, which would be Arlene.

Depression Two Tracker

The Hurricane Hunters have flew into the storm earlier Thursday and will continue doing so through at least Saturday. Their goal is to gather essential data from within the storm that forecasters would otherwise not be privy to.

Hurricane Names List

The current forecast is a rather unusual one. The overwhelming majority of storms that develop in the Gulf of Mexico will either move west towards Texas or New Mexico, north towards the Gulf Coast, or east towards Florida. This storm will likely travel south towards the western tip of Cuba, and could eventually emerge into the Caribbean.

Depression Two Tracker2

While TD Two will not be impacting the east coast of the U.S., the ABC6 Stormtrackers will be keeping a close eye on this storm.

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