Trucks full of emergency supplies travel from Foxboro to Kentucky for tornado relief

FOXBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – Relief is headed to Kentucky for the areas hardest hit by the deadly tornadoes and it’s all thanks to workers out of Foxboro.

Members of Teamsters Local 25 and the Mass Military Support Foundation loaded up trucks of emergency supplies Wednesday morning, set to arrive in Kentucky by Thursday. They’ll be the first two trucks to arrive on the ground in the area.

“That truck has about 80,000 pounds on it and then the next truck will have the same. About 160,000 pounds of personal hygiene, food, Christmas toys, everything they need, even dog food,” Don Cox, President of the Mass Military Support Foundation said. “They have nothing down there, so whatever we get them is going to help them get through the next few weeks which are going to be really tough.”

Images out of Kentucky show utter devastation. Homes are destroyed, buildings leveled, debris scattered for miles and miles across the state.

It’s not the first time these workers helped provide relief after a disaster. Cox said this year has been an especially tough one.

“This is the fifth event we’ve done this year,” Cox said. “We helped out in Texas in January, we helped out with the earthquake in October in Haiti, and we helped with the hurricane in New Orleans. Now, it’s Kentucky. We also did 22-million meals during the COVID pandemic here out of this warehouse.”

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