Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkeys Drumstick and Wishbone

By: The Associated Press


Twitter: @ABC6

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump is using his pardon power to keep a pair of turkeys from the Thanksgiving roaster.

Trump continued the annual presidential tradition during an event Tuesday in the White House Rose Garden. The act of leniency means 47-pound Drumstick and 36-pound Wishbone will instead get to live the rest of their lives at a Virginia farm.

First lady Melania Trump and son Barron joined the president for the light-hearted ceremony. The White House sought public input to determine which gobbler should be pardoned.

Trump says Drumstick was the winner, though both birds usually are given a reprieve.

President George H. W. Bush established the annual turkey pardon tradition in 1989 when he spared an unnamed, 50-pound turkey.

Trump was headed to his Florida estate later Tuesday for Thanksgiving.

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