Turning up the heat today; Scattered storms tomorrow


Heat Advisory is in effect now through 8pm Saturday.

To avoid heat exhaustion/ heat stroke make sure you do the following:

  • stay hydrated.
  • take frequent breaks in the shade if outdoors.
  • check on the elderly and those without air conditioning.
  • bring pets in, give them shade, and plenty of water.

Forecast Plate Today Left

Rip Current Alert through 8pm this evening.


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Saturday we have another day of severe weather moving through.

Spc Day 2

Scattered storms starting after 11am and are with us through about 10pm. Lighting is a concern especially if you will be outdoors during the day on Saturday.


Hrrr 3k Temp Sat Rad Skylar

TODAY: High 92. Heat Advisory.

SATURDAY: High 90. Sct thunderstorms.

SUNDAY: High 80. Partly sunny.

MONDAY: High 81. Mostly sunny.

TUESDAY: High 79. Mostly cloudy; humidity returns.

WEDNESDAY: High 78. Cloudy and humid.

THURSDAY: High 78. Chance of showers.

FRIDAY: High 80.


Meteorologist Skylar Spinler

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