TV stolen from church warming center

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @samanthalavien

A church opening its doors to help those who have virtually nothing was the victim of theft.

A TV was stolen from the warming center at the 1st Parish Church in Taunton in the midst of the bitter cold temperatures last week.

“We don’t have a lot down there. But each thing we have makes such a difference in the life that we are able to give to people each day,” said Reverend Christana Willy McKnight.

The TV was discovered missing Wednesday morning.

“It was actually one of our guests that pointed out the window had been pried open,” said Willy McKnight. “It looks as though the person didn’t even come in the shelter. It was one of the lighter newer TVs and they pulled it right up.”

Willy McKnight says she was really down after finding out that the TV was gone.

“If someone steals something from my house, it’s going to impact my kids, my husband and me. If you steal something from here it impacts hundreds of people,” said Willy McKnight.

But, despite the theft the Reverend says there is an important lesson here.

“We can’t let ourselves be governed by fear. There is a temptation in saying something bad has happened so now lets not continue on doing the good things,” said Willy McKnight.

And in fact, something good has come from this bad deed: a community rallying together to help.

“We were just inundated. We got so many emails and phone calls of people saying how can we help,” said Willy McKnight.

The shelter was given a new TV which is heavier something that the Reverend says is a plus because it’s harder to steal.

In all she says around 50 people offered to donate TV’s after hearing about the theft.

She did add that there are many more things the church could use to help those in need.

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