Twin Oak’s owner gives thief ultimatum

 By: Alexandra Cowley 

An iconic Cranston restaurant is giving mystery thieves an ultimatum: return our stolen property, or be turned over to police. The owners at Twin Oaks say someone struck again at their restaurant, this time taking a patio chair. The thefts have become a hassle, so they’re taking the law into their own hands

There isn’t an inch of Twin Oaks restaurant in Cranston that isn’t monitored by video surveillance.

“Pretty much anywhere in the place, if somebody does something its going to be on film,” said owner Bill DeAngelus. 

DeAngelus says the surveillance was necessary after their property kept vanishing. People have swiped pictures, plants, and even a Christmas wreath from the front door. This time someone took a patio chair.

“It’s ridiculous and you know it’s the hassle. We can get another chair for a hundred dollars that is if we can find one that matches because they’re four to five years old. But, just you know bring it back,” asked DeAngelus.

DeAngelus says it was taken between Sunday night and Tuesday morning. He has the video to prove it. But instead of releasing the video now, they posted a message on Facebook hoping to entice the mysterious chair snatcher.

It reads: “Here we go again. Someone stole the chair to this table on the patio. See that camera. Return it Tonight or we will watch video Tomorrow and get you.”

“It’s just the principle, I mean come on. I don’t take people stuff that doesn’t belong to me, I just don’t get it,” DeAngelus said. 

The owners did the same thing when a Christmas wreath was stolen last year. The thief never came forward, but it was eventually found thanks to the restaurants 32 sets of eyes with their cameras. 

The owner says if it’s not returned Wednesday night they’ll release the video of the mystery thief tomorrow.

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