Two arrested in murder of 12-year-old girl

Dee DeQuattro

Two have been arrested in the murder of a 12-year-old girl outside apartments in Hartford Park.

On June 15 Aynis Vargas was shot and killed while attending a graduation party. Three other were also injured when bullets sprayed into the crowd. Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements and Mayor Angel Taveras said the incident was caused because of a local gang dispute between the Harriet Street Gang and the Hartford Avenue Gang. Police say the dispute has been going on for several years.

Police say 20-year-old Ricardo Vasquez and 21-year-old Brandon Castro, both members of the Harriet Street Gang, intended to fire into a crowd of rival gang members but instead shot into the graduation party. “this is young people killing young people,” said Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

“Anyone who shoots randomly into a crowd is a coward,” said Clements.

Both are charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Vasquez is also charged with obstructing justice because police say after his van was identified at the scene he falsely reported it stolen.

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin said that the state will push for both men to get two consecutive life sentences plus sixty years in jail.