Two Attleboro police officers save elderly man and his dog, wife says she is grateful for their help

ATTLEBORO, M.A. (WLNE) – John Gray, 71-years-old, of Attleboro was pushed to safety in his wheelchair by a police officer through a rain storm last week. A second officer carried his dog Cody to safety.

Last week ABC 6 News aired the video capturing the Attleboro officers bringing the two to safety and since then the video has gone viral.

Linda Gray, John’s wife said, “When I saw the cruiser going down the street, I honestly knew John and Cody were in trouble.”

Linda shared that John was recently discharged from a nursing home after receiving care there for eight months for numerous health problems; but she says he was well enough to take their dog for walk that day. Gray’s wife knew something was wrong once the rain began, the thunder rumbled and her husband was gone for more than an hour.

“I knew something was wrong when I heard the clap of thunder my heart was in my throat.” Linda said.

It turns out that John’s motorized wheelchair lost power in the rain, and his dog took off.

A couple called 911 and these officers came rushing to the scene. One pushing John’s wheelchair down the street and the other cradling Cody in his arms.

We asked John, “Do you think those officers saved your life?” John replied, “yes, yes.”

John’s wife Linda has a message for the men who she says saved his life. “You know police get a bad wrap, but if it wasn’t for them, John probably would have pneumonia and I probably wouldn’t have Cody today. Those two were my heroes that day.”

ABC 6 reached out to the two officers from the video and they did not want to go on camera, telling us they simply,  were doing their job.

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