Two cases of measles found in two Boston area hospitals

By Gilannie Pangburn

Twitter: @gilanniej05

BOSTON (AP) The Massachusetts Department of Health has confirmed two cases of measles at two Boston-area hospitals and says people who were at there at the same time may have been exposed.

Officials said Tuesday people may be at risk if they visited Massachusetts General Hospital's medical walk-in clinic on Aug. 17 or 19, the emergency department on Aug. 20, or as an inpatient Aug. 20-23. People may have been exposed at the emergency department or as inpatients at MetroWest Hospital in Framingham Aug. 23-24.

Symptoms resemble a cold and occur 10 days to 2 weeks after exposure. A skin rash follows 2 to 4 days later. Those who suspect they have measles are urged to call a doctor before exposing others.

People who have had measles or been properly vaccinated are considered immune.

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