Two children found wandering in Woonsocket

By: Dee DeQuattro


Twitter: @deedequattro

A man is under arrest after two toddlers that he was caringfor were found wandering in downtown Woonsocketon Tuesday.

A clerk at the local In and Out Mart spotted the twochildren around 8:30 in the morning. He alerted local police who transportedthe children to the Landmark Medical Centerfor evaluation and then they were placed in DCYF custody.

Nearly four hours later no one had reported the childrenmissing. Police then searched the area near where they were found. They knockedon a door at 28 Church streetwhere a man and a woman answered. The officer asked the two if they knew thechildren. According to the police report they immediately responded, “how didthey sneak out of the house?”

Police confirmed that the man and the woman were the parentsof the children that there was another small child in the home who was indiapers and during the investigation a fourth child arrived home from school.The police report says that the diaper was hanging off the child's body andclearly soiled.

According to the police report, the officer who walkedthrough the house observed it to be unkempt and dirty. The officer observed twochildren's mattresses on the floor in one of the bedroom and also smelled astrong odor of urine in that room.

Both parents were transported to the Police Station for questioningand the children taken into DCYF custody.

The father has been identified as 27-year-old JustinPomerleau. According to police Pomerleau was watching the children when he fellasleep. The children's mother was at work at the time.

Pomerleau is charged with two counts of child neglect.

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