Two companies pairing up to cut down on plastic waste & pollution

One company makes reusable, recyclable silicone food storage bags, the other recycles them free of charge when they eventually wear out.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Single use plastic food storage bags are a long-time staple in the kitchen for many households.  But, they are also a well established environmental problem.  They often end up in the landfill, or worse, as plastic pollution, and they don’t break down.  There is another option.

Stephanie Moses is a Senior Account Director with TerraCycle, and works closely with silicone storage bag manufacturer Stasher.  She says, “Stasher is a reusable alternative to single use plastics.  So, they’re the first platinum silicone bag with a patented pinch lock seal.  So, the silicone bags can go from freezer to microwave, boiling water, and then be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.”

According to Stasher (, the sale of their reusable silicone bags has prevented more than a billion plastic bags from ending up in oceans and landfills.  And, they also donate to nonprofits that are working to address the issue of plastic pollution.  But, even these durable, reusable bags will require disposal at some point.

Moses says, “Even super durable products have an end of life, and so that’s really where TerraCycle comes in, is offering a recycling solution to these silicone bags.”

Stasher is partnering with TerraCycle to offer a free nationwide recycling program for their customers, giving new life to the material once it’s finished being used for food storage.

Moses says, “They’ll be cleaned and then ground into a crumb-like powder, and then that will be used to create new products like playground, athletic field, or track ground covering.”

The program opened up about a month ago, and they’ve already started receiving shipments of bags for recycling.  If you want to send in your Stasher bags for recycling, you can download a free shipping label and get any other information you need on TerraCycle’s website:

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