Two Lawmakers in Rhode Island may propose the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use

Legalizing marijuana for recreational use is a hot topic in Rhode Island, especially since two states,Colorado and Washington state, passed laws making it legal.  Rhode  Island is already decriminalizing  the possession of an ounce or less, effective April first and the state already allows medical marijuana.Now,
two state representatives from Rhode Island and Maine are joining the marijuana policy project in a teleconference today, to discuss  introducing bills that  would legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The Huffington Post reports State Representative Edith Ajello is working on a bill similar to the laws recently passed by voters in Colorado and in Washington State.

The new proposal would take it a step further by removing all criminal penalties for adult marijuana use.Using marijuana for recreational purposes is still illegal under federal law.Lawmakers in Rhode Island could take up  the legalization of marijuana for adult use issue, in their next session.