TWO LOVEBIRDS: Female goose demands to see her mate as he undergoes surgery in Barnstable

BARNSTABLE, MASS  (WLNE) – Take a GANDER at this loving couple as a female Canada goose tries to get into the animal clinic when her mate goes into surgery.

The male Canada goose, Arnold, was brought to the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable for a fractured foot, and when he was undergoing surgery, his true love made a surprise appearance.

Zak Mertz, the Executive Director of the facility, said there was a tapping at the clinic door and everybody was shocked to see Arnold’s mate outside the glass, trying to get in.

“Not only had they been separated for 12 hours at that point, she knew right where in the facility he was and where she could get a good view of what was going on”, said Mertz.

According to the facility, Arnold’s mate has been keeping a close eye on Arnold for three days, as he recovers.

Staff had actually moved his treatment closer to the door so she can watch.

“When they are together they just calm down, they put each other at ease, and truthfully I think she’s going to make his recovery a little easier”, said Mertz.

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