Two men arrested in connection to a rash of break-ins

By: Chloe Leshner


JAMESTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) — Two men responsible for a rash of break ins in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, caught red handed in Jamestown. A woman came face to face with one of the robbers inside her home in the middle of the day.

Without a doubt terrifying moments for that woman and in a strange coincidence, her call to Jamestown Police coming in at the same time police in Sutton called the department in Jamestown to say the men they had been tracking for several days were in the area and probably up to no good.

"They were very quick, very targeted," says Chief Edward Mello of the Jamestown Police Department.

John Young of Providence and Thomas Pleau of Woonsocket are no strangers to law enforcement. So much so they were literally being tracked with a GPS device by Sutton Police.

"We also know that they have been involved with at least one break in Newport, multiple breaks in Burrillville, multiple throughout Massachusetts, and we’ve had probably 4 or 5 other police agencies in Rhode Island contact us," says Mello.

The woman who lives in a home on Lawn Avenue came face to face with one of them just before noon on Monday as he was grabbing small items like jewelry from her house.

She wasn’t home today when we went by but a family who lives next door tells us crimes like this are not common on the quiet street.

"I’m the type of person who gets a little bit nervous about that," says Joanne McDermott-Foerschner.

Police say the suspect got spooked when he came in contact with her and ran off but they weren’t on the run for long. Police tracking them down on Intrepid Lane.

Chief Mello credits great police work by several agencies from keeping the 2 from continuing their crime spree.

"You can imagine the perspective that any community would have knowing that there were 6 homes broken into, maybe more broken into, in the matter of a few hours during the daytime," he says.

Both men were held without bail. Several departments in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are expected to file additional charges.

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