Two Nightclub Incidents in Two Days

More violence continues to plague Providence's nightclubs.

Providence Police have made no arrests in a stabbing that happened at Club Ultra early Sunday morning.

Providence Police say several officers were stationed outside the club when the violence happened. Around 2 a.m., police say they saw several subjects exit the club through the side door.

All of a sudden, a woman started yelling that her friend had been stabbed. That's when police saw a man limp out the side door of the club.

The man, police say, had a small puncture wound to his lower left side, indicating he had been stabbed.

According to Police, the man was in the VIP section of the club when an unknown male walked up and stabbed him.

Police say the victim was uncooperative, insisting he was okay and that he did not have a problem with the person who stabbed him. The victim would not give police his name.

Police would not comment on whether the victim and the attacker knew each other.

Police say they cannot search for the attacker unless the man makes a complaint.

This incident happened about 24 hours after a shots were fired outside of Club Dubai in Providence. That shooting left one person in the hospital.

Both incidents remain under investigation.