UPDATE: One stolen pedicab recovered

By: Samantha Lavien


Twitter: @samanthalavien

Two pedicabs belonging to a Providence business were stolen two weeks before their season was set to begin.

Monday night, one of those cabs was recovered by police over by the Chad Brown housing complex.

The CEO of ECO Pedicab, Thomas Olson, says he took the cabs home for repairs over the weekend. He says he locked them up and discovered them missing from his home Monday morning.

“It hurts you it's like a stake in the heart with someone just ripping something like that away from you,” said Olson.

Olson started the business in 2012. It now operates in Providence, Michigan and Nantucket.

“I moved here with nothing. I invested every dollar I had to start this business,” said Olson.

The company only had five pedicabs in Providence to begin with. Insurance does not cover theft.

“Operations for the whole season are jeopardized by not having them,” said Olson.

Each pedicab costs between $2,000 and $5,000. With shipping, Olson was looking at a price tag near $10,000 to replace them.

“Those things stick out like a sore thumb,” said Olson. “It's impossible for these guys to get away with it if everybody is looking.”

Olson tells ABC 6 News he is hopeful that the other pedicab will also be recovered soon.

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