Two Providence Shootout Suspects to Appear in Court Monday

Providence, RI (WLNE) – Two of the six suspects accused of being involved in a gang shootout in Providence are scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Daniel Carides is scheduled for a morning hearing, as well as an afternoon arraignment. David Carides is only scheduled for an afternoon arraignment.

Six suspects, including David Carides and Daniel Carides, were indicted in early November on charges stemming from the shootout, which happened back in May.  The other four suspects are George Rios, Ricardo Cosme Tejada, Reynaldo Rivera and Jordanny Britto.

In a news release, the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office described what they say happened during the shootout:

“It is alleged that Rios, Cosme Tejada, Rivera, and Britto, members of the “Get Money Family” gang, drove in a Dodge Ram pick-up to the home at 87 Carolina Ave., where all of them jumped out of the truck brandishing pistols. They then began firing at multiple individuals associated with the “Lakeside” gang, who were located on the front porch of the home.

In total, four people on the porch were wounded when the gunmen opened fire, including David Carides Jr. At least two people, including Daniel Carides and an unindicted juvenile co-conspirator from the home returned fire at Rios, Cosme Tejada, Rivera, and Britto, who were all wounded.

Rios, Cosme Tejada, Rivera, and Britto then jumped back into their truck to flee the scene. As the truck fled, Daniel Carides exited the home and fired a pistol at the truck as it drove away in the direction of Allens Avenue.

Rios, Cosme Tejada, Rivera, and Britto transported themselves to Rhode Island Hospital. The four additional victims also sought treatment for their wounds at Rhode Island Hospital.

Following the incident, investigators collected approximately 51 spent shell casings in various calibers fired from multiple guns in the road and on the property at 87 Carolina Ave, as well as bullets that went into a home across the street.”

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