Tyler’s Troops: Tyler’s deliveries

By Dana Griffin



BURRILLVILLE, RI- What started out as a Facebook request for first responders to send birthday cards to a Burrillville boy battling leukemia has turned into a warehouse of cards, packages, uniforms and signed firefighter hats; all for the 6-year-old's birthday next week.

“We don't have seats anymore and we filled up this room and another room completely almost of packages,” said Tyler's auntie, Brianna Roy.

Tyler's mom Rachael Seddon started the Facebook campaign. Within two weeks that page has garnered over 17–thousand members and daily deliveries that have taken over her home.

Rachel Seddon said, “It's amazing. It's greatly appreciated. I just don't know where to start.”

Wednesday, the postal service delivered 175 packages. UPS dropped off 27. In total, Seddon believes they've received well over 500 items, forcing this small post office in Pascoag to call in a seven–ton truck to deliver all the packages.

USPS spokesperson, Christine Dugas said, “The last big delivery that I've seen like this is Newtown where of course we received over a half a million pieces of mail and that went on for quite a while and actually had to be warehoused.”

Tyler has received an army uniform, mail from the U.K. and some rare items his mom says she won't be keeping in the house.

“People have sent badges from like Vietnam, like some of their personal belongings that are probably not only of sentimental value, but they probably have great value to them,” said Seddon.

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