Typhoon Haiyan worries local friends

Dana Griffin


NEWPORT, RI- Local families with friends and relatives in the Philippines are worried that they cannot get in touch with their loved ones.

Tonight in Newport, a group from the Filipino-American Association gathered to discuss their thoughts about Typhoon Haiyan.

10,000 people are feared dead.

Those native to the Philippines say there are few resources to help like shelter, and emergency evacuation plans; that's why they believe so many have died, even after having an advanced warning.

They've all tried reaching out to friends located in the Philippines, but destroyed telephone lines have made that impossible.

“They've been finding dead people floating on water, dead people on the streets. They don't know how to bury them,” said Cecilia Heredia.

Fil-Am Newport President, Chet Gotauco said, “We're going to try to send clothes and try to send non–perishable items, and we're going to try to send money as well.”

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