Unclaimed property up for grabs in Mass. eBay auction

By Alana Cerrone



They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and all that treasure was put on display Wednesday in New Bedford.

Massachusetts had items on display that will be part of the Unclaimed Property eBay auction this weekend.

Gold, jewelry, and Red Sox memorabilia gathered from across the state could be yours, for the right price.

The state has to liquidate its property holdings regularly, so it auctions off items mostly left behind in safe deposit boxes. That money goes towards the state’s general fund.

You’ll find pretty much anything from jewelry, to rare coins, even a Bruce Jenner trading card.

"We have a Bruce Jenner U.S. Olympics card, valued at a dollar, but that’s very relevant in today’s culture with Caitlyn Jenner."

The showcase travels to Springfield and then Worcester before the items go live on eBay starting Saturday under the seller ID mass.state.treasury.

The state does try to find the rightful owners of these items before putting them up for sale – they’re unclaimed for at least nine years – but if you can prove that a sold piece belonged to you or your family, they’ll pay you the sale price.

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