Union Asks Mayor To Take Police Chief Off Stolen Drug Investigation

            The Attleboro Police Association wrote to the mayor asking that Police Chief Kyle Heagney not be involved in the department's investigation of stolen drugs from their evidence closet.  In the letter, the union states that because Heagney was acting chief for a year before becoming chief, and captain before that, he too had access to the evidence closet. The union asks that not only he be taken off the investigation, but that he also be interrogated.

            The letter to Mayor Dumas goes on to say that it would be unethical and impracticable for Chief Heagney to lead an investigation that includes himself as the subject.

            Chief Heagney told ABC 6 that his stance remains firm in finding the “bad seed” in his department. Heagney says “I will weed and seed until I find who's responsible.”