Union relents, removes police support flags from firetrucks

Hingham Fire Truck

HINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — The firefighters’ union in a Boston suburb on Thursday complied with an order to remove Thin Blue Line flags from firetrucks after several days of resistance.

The flags — black and white versions of the U.S. flag with one blue stripe that show support for police — were ordered removed from the Hingham Fire Department’s trucks by town officials because they violated a town policy that bars political messages on town property.

A town resident had complained about the flags.

The union disagreed that the flags were a political statement and for days refused to take them down.

The flags were originally purchased to show support for police after the 2018 killing of police Sgt. Michael Chesna in nearby Weymouth, and police and firefighters from Weymouth removed the flags. They will be kept by Weymouth police.

“We did not want to risk having these flags removed from the trucks in a disrespectful manner,” the Hingham firefighters’ union said in a statement, according to The Patriot Ledger.

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