More unruly arraignments for militia cult members in I-95 standoff case

MEDFORD, MA (WLNE) – Chaotic arraignments hearings continued Wednesday for  the remaining ‘Rise of the Moors’ members arrested for I-95 standoff with Massachusetts State Police. 

Two more suspects out of the eleven arrested for their roles in a standoff with police on I-95 in Wakefield faced a judge Wednesday .

Refusals and arguments with the judge continued as the suspects dispute the court’s authority.

Judge: If you will tell us your name?

Conrad Pierre, Defendant: “You’re trying to force me into a jurisdiction that doesn’t apply to me. That’s unlawful”

Prosecutors say the militia was traveling from Rhode Island to Maine for some type of training.

“This was a group effort to transport these guns to possess these guns and to act in this way,” one prosecutor said in court.

According to court documents, in the groups vehicles police found shotguns, pistols, and rifles some semi-automatic and loaded, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and loaded magazines.

All of the suspects remain behind bars.


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