Unsettled Start to the Week

Changes are in store for Sothern New England weather-wise. A couple of fronts will move through over the course of Monday and Tuesday. Clouds increase tonight and the early commute looks dry. Showers will develop as we go through the day and it will become muggy. Monday night through Tuesday we have the chance of thunderstorms. These thundersto0rms have the chance of bringing locally heavy areas of rain. This could lead to localized flooding. Wednesday will be a pleasant one with sunshine and lower, more comfortable humidity. Thursday looks good too! Looking to the weekend, we will have the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower Sunday. Viewing should be great as the moon is waning and will be down to 6.7% illumination at the time. We could see up to 100 meteors per hour this year. Viewing will be optimal pre-dawn looking towards the Northeast. Fun fact: these meteors travel at 39 miles per second!

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