UPDATE: Chafee Doesn’t Speak on 38 Studios at EDC Meeting

Former Senator Lincoln Chafee plans to attend a meeting of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation this afternoon to voice his opinion on the 38 Studios deal.

The only problem is that public comment is not usually accepted.

That's not deterring Chafee, who's been involved in a war of words with the Governor over the 38 Studios deal, which would loan former Red Sox ace pitcher Curt Schilling's video game design company $75 million to relocate to Rhode Island.  Critics of the deal point out that Schilling's company has not yet delivered any sort of product to justify the risk of the loan.

In a letter, Governor Carcieri told Chafee that his 'concerns have been fully communicated' regarding the deal.  Chafee's camp fired back with a letter accusing the Governor of demonstrating 'an arrogance of power and incumbency that will not stand the test of legitimate citizen concern.'


Senator Chafee didn't get the chance to speak about the deal.  ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis was there and says Chafee didn't even go into the meeting…inside, Governor Carcieri made it clear that 38 Studios wasn't on the table anyway.

Mark has the update from Providence.