UPDATE: Man held, weapons seized from Coventry standoff suspect’s home

By: News Staff


Coventry, R.I. – Coventry Police have taken Larry LaChance into custody, ending a 36 hour long armed stand off with police. 

Police searched his home at 202 Raccoon Run Road and found several weapons, including a Maverick 88, a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, a revolver, and an AR-15 replica (BB gun). Detectives also found a shotgun that had been fired off in the bedroom with bullet holes in the wall. 

60-year-old LaChance had barricaded himself inside his home on Wednesday, and refused to come out of his home.

Swat, State Police, bomb squad, disaster medical assistance team, local police, and fire crews were all called in at approximately 9 a.m. Wednesday morning for a domestic disturbance call.

Sources told ABC6 News that the situation Wednesday morning quickly escalated. The man barricaded himself in his home and reportedly threatened to blow up his house with propane tanks.

The man’s family was waiting outside all day and night at the corner of Hill Farm Road.

Police were using bull horns as they attempted to communicate with the subject.

The neighborhood was evacuated Wednesday, and neighbors told ABC6 that police warned them that the man was armed and the area was not safe.

LaChance will be charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Firing in a Compact Area, Domestic Disorderly Conduct, and Domestic Failure to Relinquish the Telephone. He is currently being Held without Bail at the ACI on a preexisting 3rd District Court Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for Arraignment. 

LaChance will be arraigned on Monday October 3, in Kent County District Court

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