Update on Potential Late-Week Snowstorm

As of late Monday night, the potential still exists for all of southern New England to receive at least 6 inches of snow from Thursday into Friday of this week. At this point the main question is how much snow will fall, not whether it will mix with or change to rain. It looks like it will be cold enough for snow even in coastal areas. In addition to the snow, strong NE winds of 20-30 mph, gusting up to 45 mph will produce low visibilities and sub-zero wind chills Thursday night into Friday morning. It is interesting to note that the European computer model is giving all of RI and southeastern MA at least a foot of snow, but some of the other models are not as bullish on the snow totals. The snow is expected to begin Thursday morning, with periods of snow possibly lasting into Friday afternoon. The worst of the storm looks to be Thursday night. Be prepared for plowable snow and sub-zero wind chills. We are also expecting air temperatures to drop to near zero late Friday night (and possibly as low as 10 below in some areas) as winds gradually diminish into Saturday morning.

-Kevin Coskren, ABC6 StormTracker WeatherTeam