UPDATE: Police Make Arrest in Fatal Car Accident Case

Demi Grieve (l) and Mathew Pina (r)

A 21 year-old Pawtucket man is dead and two other young people are hurt after a serious car wreck on I-95 North in Providence overnight.

The Rhode Island State Police report that 21 year-old Mathew Pina was driving his car at over 100 miles per hour at the Charles Street overpass alongside two other cars when he lost control.  The car crossed two lanes, left the road, flew off a 60-foot embankment and ended up in the West River.  Because of the car's speed and the height of the highway compared to the water, Pina's car struck the tops of several trees on the way into the river.

The two passengers, 22 year-old Demi Grieve of Attleboro and 20 year-old David Lusignan of Pawtucket, were able to escape from the wreck under their own power with only minor injuries.  According to the State Police, an off-duty Providence firefighter was the first one at the scene and went into the water, eventually joined by other Providence firefighters, to pull Pina from the wreck.  Despite their efforts to revive him with CPR, Pina was pronounced dead at the scene.  All three people appeared to be wearing seatbelts.

Captain Darren Delaney of the State Police says the three cars were definitely racing and that one of them collided with Pina's, causing the wreck.  The driver of the car that hit him is being sought on multiple charges. 


ABC6 News has learned that the Rhode Island State Police have made an arrest in this I-95 North fatal accident case. 

Late Friday night, Police arrested 21 year-old Boris Rendon of Pawtucket, who is suspected of being the driver of one of the other cars involved in the race which hit Pina's just before the crash.  According to Captain Delaney, he is charged with: operating to endanger, death resulting (a felony); drag racing; reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.  Rendon is being held on bail at the ACI.

ABC6 Reporter Erica Ricci has that story.