UPS packages stolen off Cranston porches

A warning if you  plan on getting your holiday gifts delivered this month. Police in Cranston have arrested two men for stealing packages right off people's porches and door-steps.

Police said the robbers were following a UPS truck to see where it would stop and what kind of loot they could get. Officers said they weren't that lucky though. They may have gotten away, but one of the victims actually helped track the robbers down.

They were back to back thefts in Cranston yesterday afternoon. The first was on Gray Coach West Lane. A package was just delivered by UPS and was stolen off the front porch.

The second was an hour later on Briar Hill Drive. It was the same deal.

“At this time of year we get holiday packages, it's not uncommon to have packages delivered to the door,” said one of the victims whose son saw it all go down.

“While he was home studying, came to the door and when he went to the door thinking it was a Fed Ex or UPS package, there was somebody there taking out a package and running out the yard.”

That's when the 22 year old son ran up the street and a neighbor stepped in to help. “Apparently someone was watching the incident take place and saw my son outside in the property screaming that we'd been robbed and apparently chased the vehicle and got the license plate and called it in,” said one of the victims who prefers not to be named.

With that information, Cranston police were able to track down the suspects 27 year old Sombath Lon of Providence, 23 year old Chrisna Chea of Cranston, and a teen.     

Officers also found the stolen packages worth nearly 400 dollars in their car.

“This is going on out there unfortunately and I just think we have to be one more example,” said the victim.

 It was the victim in the first robbery who helped police by spotting the suspects in their car on Route 37. Both adults in that car were arrested and charged with larceny, which is a misdemeanor.