URI students return to class, zombie game suspended

Dee DeQuattro


University of Rhode Island students returned back to
class today after a campus-wide lock down yesterday.

Things appeared back to normal at the state's largest University as faculty
and students arrived for morning classes as scheduled after a gun scare shook
up the campus.

“I feel safe. It's a great campus. They responded quickly,” said Titus Her,
a senior who was returning to class this morning.

Rhode Island State Police say there was never a person with a gun on the
campus and the only evidence of any gun was a toy nerf gun found in a backpack.
The toy may be connected to a part of a popular campus game; Humans vs.

It remains unclear if the nerf-gun was actually related to the scare but
some students have their doubts. “Personally I don't think it was the game, because
nerf guns are usually red or orange colored,” said Molly Hodshon a URI junior.

The president of the humans versus zombies club Ryan Cabral said the game
has been temporarily suspended but expects it to return before the semester

Students said the game is just like an intense game of tag where some
players are humans and others are zombies. “I think it could be misinterpreted
a lot of times. I know that they don't do it to cause a problem, they're doing
it just to have fun,” said Danielle Proulx, a URI Junior, “I don't know if it
should be banned, but it should be definitely re-evaluated and some new rules
have to be set.”