URI students return to new classes, security

by Nicole Gerber


KINGSTON – URI students returned to campus for their first day of classes this semester…and they were met with some beefed up security measures.

It was exactly 5 months ago that the school experienced a lock down when it was believed that a possible gunman was on the campus.

Though no gun was ever found, campus police have taken extra precautions this academic year.

Officers have undergone more training, new emergency light posts have been added to three of URI's campuses, and soon campus police will carry guns.

“That's what we're looking to do this fall,” said Director of Public Safety Steven Baker. “The president wanted to engage the community when they came back from summer vacation, and they're back, so we plan on moving forward in that area.”

The school hopes to make a final decision on when campus officers will get those guns by the end of this semester.

Many students we spoke to today said they aren't concerned, and that they feel safe on campus.

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