U.S. Circuit Court Reconsidering Super Bowl XLII Threat

Court to reconsider case of Super Bowl threat

      PHOENIX (AP) – A federal appeals court will reconsider the case
of an Arizona man accused of planning a massacre at the 2008 Super
Bowl before changing his mind.
      Kurt Havelock was convicted in 2008 of mailing threatening
messages, but a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of
Appeals overturned the conviction last year.
      The panel's decision is now void, and the full 11-judge court
will consider the conviction anew.
      Authorities alleged that Havelock bought an AR-15 semiautomatic
rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition, and wanted to kill people at
the 2008 Super Bowl in Glendale.
      The documents say Havelock was armed when he reached a parking
lot near University of Phoenix Stadium but had a change of heart.
      Havelock called his parents, who persuaded him to turn himself

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