U.S. Supreme Court will not hear Pleau case

By Dee DeQuattro


The Unites States Supreme Court has announced that it will not hear Governor Chafee's appeal regarding the custody of accused murderer Jason Pleau.

The court justices conferenced on Friday and on Monday the court announced that it will not weigh in on the Pleau case.

Governor Lincoln Chafee appealed the case the United States Supreme Court after the U.S. First District Court of Appeals in Boston decided that Governor Chafee must surrender custody of Pleau to Federal Authorities.

Chafee wanted to keep Pleau in state custody because in federal custody Pleau could face the death penalty. Chafee has been an outspoken advocate against the penalty.

Pleau is accused of gunning down and robbing gas station manager David Main outside a Citizen's Bank in Woonsocket in Sept. 2010. Because the incident happened outside of a bank Federal Authorities argued that they have jurisdiction over Pleau.

The case has been cause of a tug-of-war between U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha and Governor Lincoln Chafee for the past several months.