“Us, We, Together, Family, Friars”: Ed Cooley Shares Unique Perspective, Calls For Change

A Statement From Ed Cooley –

When I became the Head Men’s Basketball Coach of Providence College, I thought long and hard about who we really are and what I wanted our core values and culture to be.   I developed our core mantra of “Us, We, Together, Family, Friars.”  This is the essence of how we have built our winning culture at Providence College.  However, our mantra, “Us, We, Together, Family, Friars” is diminished and stands for nothing without stating unequivocally that all lives matter. But at this very moment in our country, the matter at hand is that Black Lives are ending abruptly with the loss of precious life in our communities. As an African American man, I am heartbroken, saddened and outraged over the deaths of George Floyd and many others over the years.  His death and the ones that came before him bring into full view the clear injustice and change of heart that is needed in our country.  Stop the killing at the hands of hatred!

I am the husband of a former police officer.  There are thousands of law enforcement officers who serve our great cities, towns and communities.  They work hard every day to protect us and keep us safe.  Those in law enforcement that abuse the power need to be stopped.

Us, We, Together, Family, Friars means we will not ignore the violence against people of color in our country!

Us, We, Together, Family, Friars means that, no more, will we allow fear and hate to permeate our communities.

Us, We, Together, Family, Friars means inclusion, love, acceptance and peace.

Us, We, Together, Family, Friars means we stand together, we help each other, and we love one another.

And, most importantly, Us, We, Together, Family, Friars means we must advocate for change! We must change!

Ed Cooley

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