Used needle found on Fairhaven beach

A pristine Tuesday afternoon for beachgoers hit some rough waters after Fairhaven Police posted a warning on Facebook that a syringe was found on a West Island Beach.

Police posted it as a warning to those who use needles to make sure they properly dispose of them.

The picture posted Tuesday afternoon had many residents and tourists concerned, as they couldn’t help thinking about the idea of people shooting up where kids go out to enjoy the summer.

"I don’t expect to find that on a nice beach. It’s horrible. We have to keep our beaches clean, especially with all of the kids running around here. It’s a terrible thing," said Phyllis Boyne, a visitor from Long Island. "Obviously it’s got to be someone with drugs, don’t you think?"

"Goodness, it makes me so sad seeing that," said West Island native Mary Ellen Lundy. "I would hope that just a diabetic that left it behind but most likely something derogatory and not with good purposes."

Despite what the needle was used for, beachgoers find the discovery hard to swallow.

"It is disturbing to see that something like that is going on at a local beach," said another West Island native, Nicole Klein.

If you do happen to come across a needle, police want you to give them a call and an officer will make sure it’s safely destroyed.